We are almost entering the year 6 AT (after Twitter) and I think it’s time to reflect on the impact that this little tool has had on the Blogosphere.

First, microblogging has reduced the number of hobbyist bloggers. Those who once blogged have been whipped a state of retweet frenzy. Why take the time and make the effort to write a thoughtful post when I can retweet someone else’s thoughtful post; rinse then repeat?  

The 140 character limit has forced us to economize our thoughts but at the expense of clarity turning many ex bloggers into headline specialists, abbreviated linguists and link shortening specialists. After all what is a twitter post other than Blurb <link> Blurb <hashtag>. 

The channel is noisy - perhaps too noisy - with signal reception problems than can only be solved with client side technologies that filter out spam, porn and other unsolicited nonsense. A philosopher majoring in Yogi Barraisms might paraphrase with: “Nobody goes there anymore ‘cuz it always too crowded.” - Or just too noisy.

Ironically, this post will be advertised through Twitter, hopefully triggering numerous retweets and a cacophony of static in the twitterverse. Is this a great universe or what? 

The wonderfully crafted, cynical, sarcastic but truthful blog comment - once a work of art - is now Twitterverse casualty. With plug-ins Blogs can link to a Facebook like or comment, solicit comments via tweet or a one-click G+. Economical but at the expense of noise inducing hyper-shares.

While the Blog is alive and well, the blog comment has died a slow death - and we’ll miss it when it’s gone - So Long Live the Blog Comment…you were here for such a short while and we hardly knew ye.