I’ve been a long time data geek and thus have been spending a lot of time looking at the startup opportunities in the field of Big Data. Big Data as a topic covers instances where either an application or a database stores an abnormally large amount of data; think zetabytes and petabytes. The discipline is broad and includes technologies and approaches that focus on storage, caching, data distribution and partitioning, analytics and predicting the future. 

The social web has been fertile ground upon which many Big Data startups have been planted. Open source movements like Hadoop, GridGain and Pentaho have iterated rapidly and have been used primarily to wade through the terabyte of data generated daily by social computing platforms.

Big Data technologies are already in use within the government, healthcare, financial services and retail sectors with more to follow.

That’s why today we begin coverage on the Big Data ecosystem by aggregating great content from thought leaders and practitioner from around the world. You can read more in the Big Data section of this site and stay tuned for more on Big Data startups.